Canon EOS 7D Review / Test Report
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Friday, 29 January 2010 00:00


Canon has pretty much dominated the full format DSLR arena for several years but they suffered a couple of hefty blows from Nikon in the APS-C segment during the last few years. Canon was able to respond in the low end market but they didn't really offer any direct competitor to Nikon D200/D300(s) or in other words - they were basically not present in the high margin "prosumer" APS-C segment probably assuming that the full format EOS 5D series was sufficient to compete here. It seems as if this itch became too annoying lately resulting in the release of the EOS 7D. Looking at the sheer specs it's fairly obvious that they want to "show who's da boss in da house". The most striking feature is naturally the new 18 mega-pixel sensor. We'll elaborate on this one in detail later on but from a marketing perspective it is obviously a significant differentiator compared to the fairly "low resolution" (12mp) sensor used in Nikon APS-C DSLRs. Even the 14mp sensor used in the Pentax K-7 is fairly "far behind" on paper. Other than that Canon put lots of further goodness into the EOS 7D like a 100% (1x magnification) viewfinder, 8 fps, a sealed metal body and full HD video just to mention the highlights. They even "copied" a rather typical Nikon feature - the super-imposable grid lines in the viewfinder. So all the right ingredients are there so let's have a look whether they were cooked up to the desired standards ...

DSLR Canon EOS 7D Nikon D300s Pentax K-7
Mount (Format) EOS (APS-C) Nikon DX (APS-C) Pentax K (APS-C)
Sensor size/type 22.3x14.9mm, CMOS 23.6x15.8mm, CMOS 23.4x15.6mm, CMOS
Sensor 18mp, 14bit 12mp, 14bit 14mp, 12bit
"Crop" factor 1.6x 1.5x 1.5x
Sensor dust-removal ultrasonic ultrasonic ultrasonic
AF Sensors 19 (19x cross-type) 51 (15x cross-type) 11 (9x cross-type)
build-on flash GN 12 (24mm equiv.) GN 12 (28mm equiv.) GN 13 (28mm equiv.)
Flash-sync. 1/250s 1/250s 1/180s
fps 8 fps (126 JPEG, 15 RAW) 6-8 fps
(nolimt JPEG, 17 RAW), 2.5fps @ 14bit
5.2 fps (40 JPEG, 15 RAW)
Image Stablizer lens-based lens-based sensor-shift (4 f-stops)
Metering 63 segment, center-weighted, partial, spot 3D matrix, center-weighted, spot 77 segment, center-weighted, spot
HD Video 720p + 1080p 720p 720p + 1536x1024
Live-View yes
fixed 3" LCD (920.000 dots)
fixed 3" LCD (920.000 dots)
fixed 3" LCD (921.000 dots)
Viewfinder penta-prism (100%, 1.0x) penta-prism (100%, 0.94x) penta-prism (100%, 0.92x)
Size 148x110x73mm 147x114x74mm 131x97x73mm
Weight 820g 840g 670g
Body Magnesium alloy
Magnesium alloy
Magnesium alloy
Street Price (January 2010) ~1300EUR / 1600US$ ~1300EUR / 1500US$ ~950EUR / 1050US$

... and if you want to play around with a virtual shadow of the camera ... here we go ...