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Some of you folks may be a bit surprised by the "rather low" ratings in the verdicts here at opticallimits.com. This isn't really intentional but you're simply experiencing a cultural effect. opticallimits.com is located in Germany and locally the word "average" means just that - reads: "average" is in between of better and worse. So this is strictly different compared to the more popular anglo-american-style meaning of the word where an "average" is equivalent to about as bad as it gets.
Now you may argue that this is confusing but remember that this may be confusing for you but less so for visitors from different countries (thus different cultural backgrounds). We at opticallimits.com do firmly believe that "feel good" ratings are pointless - it neither helps you to choose nor does it help the manufacturers to get better.
the technical maximum with a little sanity
very good but there is a little room for improvements
good/average in the true sense
sub-average in the true sense

Beyond these ratings you may sometimes see the following icon:

This indicates that the product stands out from the rest of the crowd. This doesn't necessarily originate in a 5-star rating - it is a "context" rating relative to competing products.

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