Peleng 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye (converted to EOS mount) - Review / Test Report - Analysis
Lens Reviews - Canon EOS (APS-C)


Well, it's a fisheye so what do you expect ? :-) I can´t even provide hard distortion figures here because the analysing tool didn´t like the fisheye effect on the grid chart. Anyway, the image below should give you an idea. BTW, the distortion chart below has a size of 120x80cm and the image was taken at a distance of ~2cm (!!!).

You may notice that the fisheye effect of the Peleng is far more pronounced compared to the Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye.

Move mouse cursor over the image to have a look at the real-life distortion chart.


Due to the circular fisheye character it is pointless to provide any vignetting data.

On APS-C DSLR you will notice dark outer edges. This is no vignetting but simply the effect of the cropping factor. Stopping down does not improve the issue.

MTF (resolution)

It was a little difficult to obtain valid resolution data with this lens but it seems to perform surprisingly well here with a very good center performance and pretty good edges (except at the extreme corners of the circular image field).

Please note that the MTF results are not directly comparable across the different systems!

Below is a simplified summary of the formal findings. The chart shows line widths per picture height (LW/PH) which can be taken as a measure for sharpness. If you want to know more about the MTF50 figures you may check out the corresponding Imatest Explanations

Chromatic Aberrations (CAs)

Formally chromatic aberrations (color shadows at harsh contrast transitions) are very pronounced exceeding 1.5 pixels on the average at the image borders. However, this can really be considered as a side issue regarding the special effect character of this fisheye lens.

Due to it rather extreme depth-of-field a bokeh can only be observed at very close focus distances. If forced to produce a blurred background it seems to do a pretty decent job here.

The major weakness of this lens is flare. Due to the protruding front element it does so like hell. Even an overcast day is sufficient to produce ghostings.