Canon EOS 7D Review / Test Report - Movie Mode
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Friday, 29 January 2010 00:00

h4>Movei Functionality Movie functionality has been one of the hottest new features recently (although you may debate its importance). The EOS 7D has a 2nd generation system here featuring a faster frame rate compared e.g. to the EOS 500D. QuickTime Movies (MOV-Format) can be recorded in three different sizes:
  • 640x480px (4:3) at 50/60fps (PAL/NTSC)
  • 1280x720px (HD 720P) at 50/60fps
  • 1920x1080P (HD 1080P) at 30/25fps,
The movie sequence can be as long as 29min 59sec with a max. file size of 4GB. In 1080P mode this is equivalent to 12min.
Taking videos with a DSLR feels slightly strange but the results are pretty impressive and not comparable to the small, low quality movies from digital compact cameras. The "DSLR movies" have also an edge over conventional HD camcorders because of the superior sensor noise performance as well as the depth-of-field potential which is simply not available based on small sensor sized. However, the sound quality is, unsurprisingly, rather mediocre. AF is available during recording although don't expect AF speed wonders here - it's not suitable for action movies for sure. The focusing procedure takes quite long and focusing noises are quite apparent on the audio side so it's usually a better idea to rely on manual (pre-) focusing.

The first movie was recorded in Full HD (1080p) ... (you need to switch the movie to "HD: ON")

Here's another one @ 720p... (you need to switch the movie to "HD: ON")