Minolta Dynax / Maxxum 7xi

Author: eebeeb, professional PhotographerDate: Mon, May 21, '07 at 01:00 GMT+01:00
ProI own a bunch of Nikon, Pentax and Konica cameras and have 50 years of experience as a serious photographer under my belt. I recently picked up a mint 7xi on ebay. What a revelation! For the very first time, I have become convinced that Program is a reliable method of exposure. Just hit that big fat "P" button, and then choose your f-stop or shutter-speed with the two command dials. How can you miss with 14-segment metering? So, you are now in either Pa or Ps. If you have any experience at all, you will know how much depth-of-field you will want, what f-stop will provide the best optical quality with your chosen lens and what shutter-speed you need to stop the action or prevent camera-shake problems. One caveat: watch out for high-contrast lighting situations. Spot meter the highlight areas and expose for that in landscape photography. It's not the camera's fault; film has only so much latitude.
ContraIt's hard to find fault with the 7xi. It feels great in the hand, though the positioning of the shutter button takes a little getting used to. Be sure you have a manual, either in hand or on the internet. Not all this camera's secrets are intuitively revealed. Don't forget to keep in mind what's behind the "hidden trap-door" on the right side of the body. There are also external control buttons which must be tapped sometimes once and sometimes twice for different effects. All of this is easily mastered, IF you have the manual. You want an inscrutable camera? Try the Nikon N70! Figuring out that camera is like trying to reach the rank of 32nd degree Mason!
ThoughtsOnce I got into Minolta SLRs, I was quite thrilled to find out what great optics are floating around for these latter-day cameras. By all means, get a hold of a first-edition 28-85mm Minolta zoom. Also, check out ebay's Minolta auto-focus lens section. Cameta Camera of Long Island, NY is currently auctioning off Sigma 28-105s for Maxxum that are going for a song and provide heartening quality for the price. The Quantaray (made by Sigma) 70-300mm Tech 10 is also a real sleeper. It's a good idea to have a monopod for use with this one. I've also had excellent results with the Minolta first-version 35-70mm f4. Very sharp, small, affordable and has a macro function at 70mm. It's a good way to indulge your close-up desires without breaking the bank. Pick up a set of close-up lenses (+1, +2,+4) and maybe even go for a +10 separately. You might have to pay around $20 for this last mentioned item on ebay. Just think of all the glee you'll experience in not having to shell out for a Micro Nikkor!
Author: boele, normal AmateurDate: Fri, Sep 15, '06 at 22:57 GMT+01:00
Prohaven't used it yet
Contrai can't find a manual for this camera, so is there any one who can help me? would be so nice
Thoughtslooks good to me
Author: dolcetto, normal AmateurDate: Sun, Nov 9, '03 at 12:13 GMT+01:00
ProSolid, full of useful features
Contrano vertical battery grip as option, no DOF preview, cards as option
ThoughtsIt is a camera for everyone, so simple to use and quite capable on producing good photos. The autofocus maybe a bit slow by today's standard, features are very adequate - pay a bit more for some "creative" cards. Remember this is a 1990 camera, you can say it is ahead of its time, yet so many cameras today are still trying to match.

Very cheap in the 2nd hand market, as the new Minolta models are not expensive at all. (good to see how they turn pro-features into new consumer models)
Author: A. Younis, advanced AmateurDate: Sat, Nov 8, '03 at 19:29 GMT+01:00
ProGreat Price/Performance gear
ContraDependency on the extension cards some annoying
ThoughtsGreat camera to start with, at its time.
Author: Carla, BeginnerDate: Sun, Sep 29, '02 at 17:47 GMT+01:00
ProI have always loved this camera. It was my father's and he has given to me!!!!
Contranothing so far
Thoughtsdoes anybody know how can I get the manual???
Author: Simply The Best, advanced AmateurDate: Mon, Sep 2, '02 at 13:26 GMT+01:00
ProAbsolute 'idiot proof' to use. (Thank God for 'P' buttons!) My photos keep getting better and better. Will hold on to this little beauty till it craps out on me!
Cards? Told you it was idiot proof! Great gimmick if you need it.
I think Minolta put this camera out way before it's time 'cause some of the features are just beginning to appear on the latest and greatest.
ContraIf anybody's moaning about their 7xi, wrap it up in newspaper, place it in a box and SEND IT TO ME!
ThoughtsI can't say anything bad about this baby, I've had it for 10 years!!!
Author: James (London)Date: not recorded
ProSolid, weighty and very reliable. All the functions most could desire. Excellent metering and sharp focusing. Good range of affordable lenses. Excellent all rounder and a snip at the price!
ContraNoisy Auto Focus. Nothing else to speak of.
ThoughtsGreat Camera to learn and use seriously. Can't approve it highly enough. Great as a second body too, due to its many features, fantastic metering and low cost.
Author: SanderDate: not recorded
ProSturdy body
Easy to use
ContraNo pre-DOF viewing No measurement index like the 700si/800si Little heavy
ThoughtsNice camera
Author: DimitrisDate: not recorded
ProSolid metering
ContraNot so solid body
ThoughtsSold it and got a 9xi. BTW, the manuals are at minolta's web site...
Author: MargaretDate: not recorded
ProVery good all around camera.
ThoughtsDoes anyone know where I can get a manual for the Dynax 7xi?
Author: Stan HeydaDate: not recorded
ProVery good ergonomic
ThoughtsI realy like this camera, for me its realy good :-) I have only one small problem, I can`t find manual . I was looking everyware. Please help me! If it is possable send it to my emali - [email protected] in pdf format or give mi link adress wheare I can download it. Thank You for help
Author: unknown (legacy entry)Date: not recorded
Provery good ergonomic, a good friend in all situations, very good backup-camera (weight, comfort etc.)
ContraThe Chip-Cards!!!
Author: unknown (legacy entry)Date: not recorded
Thoughtsthe minolta dynax 7xi has an excellent body that is highly ergonomic, and the camera rarely fails to deliver, whatever the conditions. the only thing that i miss is that it does not have a multi function back and a vertical AA grip. otherwise no grudges.
Author: unknown (legacy entry)Date: not recorded
ThoughtsGood camera! Even if the 800Si is the camera to have! The AF system has (luckily) improved at the 800Si! (Realease priority). Otherwise the 7Xi is an excellent choice!
Author: unknown (legacy entry)Date: not recorded
ThoughtsI love my 7xi, however, it does not do HSS which would be useful in bright outdoor model shooting. I just bought a second flash, a 5400 to augment my already great 3500. Unfortunately you can't test trigger the flash from the 7xi. Can't use the wireless 3500 if the 5400 is installed on camera (and vice versa). Can use the two flashes off camera with the 5400 set at 1/2 the power for fill light. So, Ill probably look to replace the 7xi soon. (damn $$). At the camera store today the salesman tried to seduce me into buying the 9. NICE! But very expensive for a 35mm (CDN$2000).
Author: unknown (legacy entry)Date: not recorded
ThoughtsI've used mine extensively for long exposure astrophotography (requires remote shutter cord)and my impression is that there's precious little this camera won't do. Yes, the batteries are expensive and they don't last long on cold nights with really long exposures(15 minutes - 1 hour), but for ease of use and quality of pictures, it far exceeds my old SrT101 and Nikon F. If you want to try mounting the camera on a telescope and taking astrophotos, I strongly recommend the magnifying angle viewfinder Minolta manufactures for this camera.
Author: unknown (legacy entry)Date: not recorded
ThoughtsI like my 7xi too :-) It's heavy, but well-designed. The only problem: one needs additional chip cards for some nice features (bracketing, multiple exposures). I recommend to get the Custom xi card for changing some default parameters. P.S.: Flash bracketing is possible with the optional Flash Bracketing card
Author: unknown (legacy entry)Date: not recorded
ThoughtsI really do like it. It is comfortable and easy to use, but still have many nice functions. Things that are missing: there is not any kind of grip for 7xi, so batteries are very high-priced. Another thing there should be found is flash bracketing, but it doesn't.