Canon EOS RT

Author: don farra, advanced AmateurDate: Tue, Nov 25, '03 at 17:58 GMT+01:00
ProNo black out mirror. Great for portraits where the question of did they close their eyes or not when the flash when off gets answered. The RT is ideal for the wedding environment where quiet is needed. This camera provides you with all the basics and then some. It retains it's value because of it's fixed mirror attributes. I personally like the camera because it has no black attribute of a rangefinder camera while retaining the advantages of a SLR, not to mention a lower system cost.
ContraNo black out mirror. With everything good there comes a price and this one is a little light loss to the film. While the camera is quiet, the Elan is just as quiet and can be used instead. Focusing of the RT is great outdoors but tends to be sluggish indoors under low contrast and low light levels. But do not assume that the camera with a fixed mirror is silent, the shutter and film advance motor can be hear. But then again neither is it's larger and more expensive cousin.
ThoughtsWhen the RT was first released it was a true low cost fixed mirror camera that provided the state of the art auto focusing. Of course over time this state of the art (this years model) technology was superceeded and appears outdated by comparison. But this is not to say the camera is useless, not by any measure. It is specialized and has it's place for those shots that require a quiet lightweight AF camera. As such is still sought after by amateurs and pros alike. But make no mistake about it, today's digital cameras make no sound by comparison and over time make nearly all film based cameras mere collector's items.
Author: Eddie, advanced AmateurDate: Sat, Jul 6, '02 at 11:55 GMT+01:00
ProThe camera has a fixed semi-transparent mirror which transmits 2/3 of the light towards the viewfinder and 1/3 towards the film. Therefore there're no mirror virations whatsoever. Really *Smmoooooth!* This actually overcompensates the light loss on film level thus improving handholdibility.
In RT mode the release delay is extremely short.
Quite robust body compared to today's amateur class bodies.
ContraTotally outdated AF.
No AE lock.
No backdial.
Cumbersome exposure compensation.
ThoughtsThis camera is dated and it shows. By today's standard the AF performance is ridiculous especially with slow lenses. Nonetheless it is the cheapest option to enter the real-time (RT) world. Once you press the shutter release button it doesn't really feel anymore like an outdated SLR but more like a super-smooth rangefinder.

Therefore highly recommended!
Author: Keith FleischerDate: not recorded
Pro-No Blackout!
-Solid yet lightweight body
-Fast Reaction 0.008 seconds from time you press shutter
-Auto depth-of-field preview
Contra-OK everyone I got one with a manual, it's a 2/3 stop light loss through the pellicle mirror. -Autofocus is archaic compared to new Canon stuff and servo AF not available in RT mode -Metering is just acceptable
ThoughtsIt's a one trick pony, but that trick is sooooo nice when you need it. It works like this, press the shutter 1/2 way-the camera focuses, meters AND stops the lens down to reduce camera reaction time. Useful at times you never anticipated! Love mine! Worth paying for a "like new" one. It's not a primary camera and it's definitely not for beginners but it's a fantasitic and affordable tool.
Author: David TranDate: not recorded
ProSolid and reliable body construction
Backlight LCD
and fixed semi-transparent mirror!
Contralight loss because of the semi-transparent mirror very noisy...
ThoughtsI love the "no blackout" feature! At first, I bought this camera for sports events. But now, I specifically use it for macro pictures thanks to the semi-transparent mirror. I also owne a eos A2 and 3, but this RT is very special to me. Try it, and you won't be disappointed.
Author: Dennis SmithDate: not recorded
ProNo mirror blackout. Great for portrait work as you can see if anyone blinks. Light,fast handling.
Contrasingle focusing point.
ThoughtsWould like a 1NRS but can buy three or four RT's for the same price. Of course the 1NRS is much more advanced but I'm speaking about the "no blackout" It is outstanding for portrait work.
Author: Ed BruchacDate: not recorded
ProFast,responsive with no mirror bounce or blackout.The RT mode is a plus.Balences very well,and is as quiet as a rangefinder 35mm,plus the absence of a mirror enables handholding in low light situations.
ContraFlash sync only 1/125.Slightly dimmer finder image,but not a problem w/ AF lenses.Light loss of 1/3 stop because of semi-transparent pelicle.
ThoughtsMy RT has been in use in a newspaper environment for 10 years and is still going strong.Fantastic for sports and fast action assignments,and the ability to hand hold in low light ia a definite plus. Wish Canon had kept it in production longer.
Author: unknown (legacy entry)Date: not recorded
ProNo Blackout due to mirror movement.
Ease of use.
Fast response on pressing the shutter
ThoughtsI use two bodies for animal photography. Mainly high speed hound races. You can see direct if picture is oke. Save a lot of film. Should buy a third body
Author: unknown (legacy entry)Date: not recorded
ThoughtsA rare camera thats increasing in value rapidly! You lose about a 1/2 stop because of the pellicle mirror , you also
notice a darker viewfinder making it a little less desirable for low light shooting.For the trade you get a camera
that lets you know exactly what you got when you trip the shutter. I used this camera extensivly doing model shoots
and portrature.The Real Time feature is great for catching a really fast sports play with a shutter release lag time
of 6ms. The detracting features are,125 flash sync speed ,2000sec max shutter speed and in my opinion the worst
thing about the camera is one vertical auto focus sensor! The current price is very unstable ranging from around 235.00
up to 450.00 for a as new in the box sample.Still much cheaper than a 1NRS "The only camera being made that has a pellicle mirror".